Save Greyhounds

to Save Lives

Your donation will mean the difference between life & death for a soon to be released greyhound. We would like to send you a gift based on your donation to show how much your giving means. Based on your donation please select one of our gifts. You will be taken through our shopping/donation cart to complete the donation. Thank you!

We’re Saving Dogs In Need With Your Donation

We are working to save the hundreds of greyhounds being released from Florida tracks, finding new homes for them as quickly as possible. These dogs need to be adopted quickly as they will otherwise be put down. Your donation will give us the time we need to help more dogs in need. We specialize in hard to place special needs dogs that would without your help be euthanized.

Consider donating to help save a Greyhounds life this holiday season and receive a free gift from us.

Give the perfect gift of life and donate to help dogs in need today. Your free gift in appreciation of your donation will make the perfect holiday present.

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